Tanning in the Winter.

As I’ve approached my late 20’s I’ve been more aware of how important it’s to take care of my skin. I love being tan, but we all know how tanning beds are horrible for your skin for many reasons! That’s where I turn to self tanners, I have two that are my absolute favorites!

1.) St Tropez Tan. This self  tanner can be purchased at Sephora and it’s only $30.  It’s a everyday gradual self tanner and has given me that natural looking glow. They have lotion, mousse or spray. So far I have only tried the lotion, but I really like what I see so far. I use the self tanner 3 to 4 times out of the week. ❤IMG_7930

2.)  Kardashian Sun Kissed tanning spray. Another favorite of mine! This has a natural look to it and smells really good 😉 Just make sure you don’t spray a ton, because it can making you look a little orange if you use too much. I use this product 2 to 3 times out of the week. You really do not need to use anymore than that for it will definitely make you look fake. This self tanner is $20 and you can purchase it at Ulta<3
FullSizeRender (5)
Ladies, take good care of your skin! Want to be tan? Try a self tanner. Skin cancer is very common, and you don’t want wrinkly skin at only age 30. Be smart 😉



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