Three reasons you should travel in your 20’s.

I think your 20’s should be the time to figure out who you truly are. People who have their shit together in their 20’s blow my mind. I’ve bounced around roommate to roommate and have been single “but dated a lot” for quite awhile and honestly, I’ve experienced so much on my own. I think traveling somewhere is an awesome thing! Rather it be for vacation or just a quick get away .

1. You learn so much more about different cultures and meet so many new awesome people. You learn something new everyday.

2. You get to see how amazing the world truly is….rather it be the ocean, or mountains. You get a great view of something you don’t get to see everyday. Take lots of photos.

3. You can cross it off your bucket list of places you wanted to see before you die. You can tell your future husband or wife about the cool places you experienced. After all, what guy/girl doesn’t like being impressed with all of the cool things you’ve already experienced in your 20’s?




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