7 ways yoga has changed my life.


Yoga helps heal the body and mind. And I am obsessed.

1. Helped me clear my mind, and meditating came easy. At the end of the day  sometimes you just want “me time” and I found meditation really helped me relax.

2. It’s a workout. I go to yoga alive, and let me tell you…we sweat. And I no longer worry about going to the gym because I already got my workout in for the day.

3. It helped me find peace. Any anger I had against someone, started to fade away…and I started to forgive.

4. Become more aware. I started to be more aware of my surroundings, and started to appreciate more around me. It’s the little things that matter, and yoga helped me find that.

5. Healthy eating habits. The more I dabbled into yoga, the more I found out what was actually good to place in my body. I drank more water, starting going to juice bars and eating more fruits and etc.

6. Helped me let love in. And accept everyone.

7. Yoga makes me happy….stretch, smile and find the best inner you.



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