Christmas shopping in Over the Rhine.


Today I finished all my Christmas shopping! It took me 4 hours, but I did some exploring in Over the Rhine : ) There were so many cute little shops. I went to a shop called HOMAGE, which has been a favorite of mine for quite awhile and I got my dad and brother some nice vintage Uc and Reds attire. They opened them, and loved it. Homage is a store in OTR that has Cincinnati attire. They had a babies section and it was simply adorable…


The Candle Lab. This is a cute little shop in OTR as well. They make candles! All of them smelled simply amazing, so I bought my mom one for Christmas. They have a little bar where you and a friend can actually make your own scented candle! I found this too cute, I’m totally going to take my mom one day  (:


Us siblings exchanged gifts today and my sister got me an Alexis and Ani bracelet. Alexis and Ani and one of my favorite brands! I love their jewelry line.


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