Happy Spritz.


GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL. I went shopping in Over the Rhine for Christmas and I ran into this cute vintage shop that had these cute bottles called Happy Spritz. I thought they were super cute, so I bought one called “Good morning beautiful.” All the bottles have different names and all have different purposes. The one I bought is suppose to wake you up and make you feel energized for the day! I usually have a hard time waking up in the mornings anyways, so I figured this would be perfect for me. Also what’s cool about this product, you can spray it on your dogs! There are benefits of essential oils for your dogs. Kinda cool. They have bottles that you can use after you attended a yoga class to help you relax…once I saw that I knew I was in. Directions on how to use your Happy Spritz are below!

Their website is http://www.happyspritz.com  (: (:



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