5 makeup tips!



I absolutely love makeup. I do my sister and her friends makeup all the time for homecoming and prom events! I’ve learned a lot about makeup from over the years of experimenting on myself and my friends! Here are some of the tips I’ve learned along the way.


1. Clean your makeup brushes ladies!! Not cleaning your makeup brushes could be causing you harm which could cause you to breakout. When you leave your brushes dirty, you’re leaving oil, bacteria on your bristles. “Yuck.”  Cleaning them should be in your beauty routine! I bought my brush cleaner at Sephora, it’s called Daily Brush Cleaner. And I love it. Smells great, and it’s super simple to clean my tools!

2. Fake lashes. I am obsessed with false eyelashes! I usually only wear them on the weekends, and maybe a couple times out of the week. (Depends.) This makes your eyelashes simply look fuller, and I love that. I get my lashes at Sephora, and I can use them up to 10 times if I properly take care of them! People will compliment them all the time and I’ll have girls ask me what my secret to natural fully lashes are….shh, they’re falses, and I wink ;p
3. Contouring. I started contouring sometime last year and it’s crazy how much of a difference it can really make! BUT you have to be carefully…contouring too much can make the illusion of looking like a clown, or not real. The trick is to start out with contouring pencils or powder! I bought mine from Sephora. You have to start out lightly, don’t over do it!
4.  Eyebrows. I’ve been using eyebrow pencils lately and they’re awesome. Just add a little color to those brows and BAM, they’re popping. Once again, do not over do this….I’ve seen many girls have their eyebrows almost a deep black then their hair colors are only blonde or light brown…that could be a scary look! You only want to add a tad bit of color to make them stand out.
5. Lipsticks. Deep colors have always been a favorite of mine, but only at night time! During the day I love to tone it down with a nude color or light pink to give that more natural look!



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