Ladies, clean your makeup brushes! :) 

Cleaning your makeup brushes is soooo important! Us being girls, can get a little busy and forget to take the time to clean our brushes after they’re used. This will cause major breakouts and is not good for your skin. On top of that can you imagine using the same contouring tool over and over and never cleaning it?! That is asking for a mess because that’s like caking your makeup on top of each other. Not good. So just take the time and clean them! 😉 It’s super easy and quick. I will show you my steps to cleaning some of my brushes 😄

I use this “Daily makeup brush cleaner” that you can get at Sephora! It was only $10. 

I just use a paper towel! Easy to just throw away afterwards. I spray my brushes with the cleaner about 5-7 times. 

Go in a circular motion when cleaning your brushes! “Be gental”! You don’t want to put too much pressure on your brushes or you will damage them!

After I am done cleaning my brushes I let them set out to dry! Give them about half an hour to dry completely before using them again ❤️ And that’s it! Easy as that 🙂 


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