Lush! Lip scrubs are the best.

First off, Lush is absolutely amazing. I was a little upset when I found out my new apartment didn’t have a full bath. “Tears” I do have an amazing shower tho so I guess I can’t really complain. BUT I love Lush cosmetics. To their bath bombs, face scrubs and I totally love their lip scrubs! Does anyone else get dry lips sometimes or the left over stains of your favorite lipstick?! That’s the worst. I love to wear dark purples to reds and sometimes light pinks. So whenever my lipstick starts to wear off, it will leave this little line on my lips that I hateeeeee. So shopping at my favorite little lush place I found this awesome lip scrub! I use it every morning, and anytime I take off my lipstick. They have many flavors but my favorite so far is the bubble gum! Lips are kissable as ever after use! 😉

You can get these scrubs for $9.95, and they are worth it! They last a long time too, which is awesome. Here is the link below to their website!,en_US,pd.html


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