Ways to save $$$.

Living in Chicago is very expensive. Especially when you pay over $1,ooo just for a studio or one bedroom. So since I live in good ole Chitown alone, I’ve learned these helpful tips on saving, and being a little smarter with my money. Because lets face it, going on the weekends all the time can get extremely pricey…Bunch, happy hour and the clubs can get a little much. “Just kidding, I get into the clubs for free/and free drinks” 😉 But you get what I’m saying! 


  • Money jar. -I decided every two weeks to put $50 in this little jar. Besides my savings, it’s good to have a little money jar just incase I wanna go to brunch or something and I don’t wanna spend the money in the bank!
  • Note pad.-I like writing down my next bills that’s due! It’s extremely helpful to know which bills are coming up, and how to budget.
  • Mint.-Mint is a nice little app that helps you see where most of your money is going. Got a shopping problem? It’s going to let you know. It has categories that will let you know how much you’re spending on what. Pretty nice.
  • Cash only.-When I go out I bring cash only. I don’t know how many times I have hit the bars to wake up the next day and realize I spent about $100 on my tab from shots and getting drunk food afterwards. Goodness. It’s much better when you have cash in hand! Makes you realize how much you can actually spend.
  • Stock up. I stock up on food like crazy. Going out to brunch/dinner can sometimes get a little much, and our bank account usually ends up hating us for it. So I stock up on foods and go out only if it’s necessary.
  • Budget!-Be smart and don’t buy things you don’t need! Like getting monthly subscriptions that’s silly. As in makeup, magazines etc. Just be smart about it. Although I do love my birchbox…..guilty.   

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