Vanille-Chicago. “Yummy desserts”

Lately I’ve been having a sweet tooth and being new to Chicago I knew I had to venture out and find some yummy places that had awesome desserts! I’m a sucker for the app yelp, so I got on yelp and searched for places near me. I soon found this cute little place called Vanille that was only 13 miles which wasn’t bad. I got in my car and drove my happy little butt down to the Lincoln area! “Bad idea if you’re not a aggressive driver” Chicago is known for their drivers to be a little crazy. It took me about 45 mins just to find a parking spot. Boo. Anyways, so I finally found a spot! Excited to finally reach my destination I got inside. The staff was extremely friendly and all of their desserts looked amazing. I tried a choclate brownie with gold flakes, and a vanilla bean small cake. On top of my purchase the girls also gave me two samples of gluten free slices of cake to take home. Ummm yes please. I will absolutely be back and I totally recommend this place to someone if you’re in Chicago and craving something a little sweet! 😉



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