4 reasons I’d rather be single than waste my time.



Do you ever feel like you go through a cycle where you’re single and you go through the same ole bullshit over and over again? I talk to a guy, give him my number and I have to explain my whole life story over again. Usually it goes no where because I am very picky. I can see you rolling your eyes and saying “see that’s your problem.” Maybe. But maybe not. Here are 4 reasons I’d rather be single than waste my time anymore.

1. I’m picky and I know it.

Sometimes you cannot help it. You like who you like, right? My friends will always joke and ask me “Sondra who exactly is your type?” That’s a hard question to answer…but I honestly just know. I like a gentalmen, someone who will open the door for you or just want to stay in one weekend and just cuddle and watch movies and make dinner together. You know, normal stuff. Theses days that’s hard to find.

2. The hookup culture is awful.

The hookup culture has gotten out of hand. These days many people don’t even know how a real relationship works anymore. They would much rather talk for a couple of days then ghost as soon as they don’t get what they want from the person. It’s so normal for people just to be hookup buddies. Unfortunately I just don’t roll that way. I want a guy to cuddle next to me and truly mean it….hooking up is important and especially with so many STD’s around it’s ridiculously scary, and honestly just not worth it. I feel like half the time I am competing with the next Bumble or tinder girl. And that is pretty sad.

3. I want to love myself first.

I’ve dated awesome guys, and then I’ve dated the jerks. My heart was broken by an ex way too many times which I’m still in the healing process. After what him and I went through it’s still taking me sometime to even fully forgive him…in this case there’s a chance I never will be able to. I want to love myself first, and make me number one this time. I think it’s important that I focus of my group of friends and just have fun! I think Mr. right will be there when I least expect him to be.

4. Dating close to your 30’s is pretty serious.

I’m 27 years old! “I still cannot believe it, tear” so dating close to your 30’s is kind of scary…at this point you’re looking for a relationship and possibly someone you could spend your life with….you know, doing grown up things! It isn’t like I’m just dating for fun like I did in my early 20’s, this time you’re looking for husband or wifey material. That itself is really scary. When it comes down to it, don’t ever feel like you have to settle. Take your time, love yourself first and be in a happy and peaceful moment in your life!



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