4 things I’ve learned in a New City.


My experience since moving to Chicago has been lovely. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is fun and the things to do are endless. Still til this day I’m shocked I made the move all by myself without knowing a soul. I have many people tell me how awesome and brave I am for making such a big move! It wasn’t easy, but it was well worth it πŸ™‚

4 things I’ve learned since moving to a new city alone

  • Independence. Out here on my own I only depend on myself. And that’s an awesome feeling! I take full responsibility of my own bills, shopping and if an issue arises I take charge and figure that shit out. Of course my parents are only a phone call away, but it’s so nice to figure stuff out on my own. I’ve lived in Cincinnati my whole life so depending on my parents to help me out all the time was so easy. Since making the move I only depend on myself and it feels great.

  • Savings. This is a big one. Living in the Windy City isn’t the cheapest. You really have to be smart when it comes to living in an expensive city because things do quickly add up. Example, just taking an uber to the city cost me usually close to $5o a night. Transportation can be not only a little expensive but a bit tricky. I’m still learning how to take the CTA and blue line, and man does that get a little confusing. So I’ve learned as mush as I want to go out every weekend, sometimes its smart to stay in as well and save a little!

  • Making new friends. I’ve met so many friendly people so far! I give my big thanks to the app called BUMBLE. If it wasn’t for this app I probably would have met some of my girlfriends or past dates. Starting over is so nice and refreshing.

  • Finding myself. Cincinnati was all I knew, so moving has been great and I can finally focus on myself. I can focus on new friendships, love life and start my new career. I’m such a fan of always taking risk and following your dreams. Even when it seems impossible, do your best to make it happen.



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