Birchbox! August BOX

My Birchbox came into the mail! For us birchbox users, this is always an exciting moment. Who doesn’t love getting 5 samples surprises?!? I don’t have time to shop a lot, so when I get my box for the month it’s always nice to have that extra makeup/beauty product.

As I’ve said in my blog before, Birchbox is a fun little website that sends you 5 random sample beauty products in hopes that you will buy the full size next time if you love it! Birchbox is only $10 a month. So with that being said, here are the 5 products that I received and here’s my reviews on them.

WIN_20160821_14_38_55_ProI got 3 samples of hair products. Mind you, I reallyyyyy dislike getting hair products in my birchbox. I dislike it because my hair can get oily easy, which is why I only stick to certain hair products and shampoo and conditioners! But I tried all of them out- and unfortunately they made my hair oily and greasy feeling afterwards. Bummer. 

  • Brand-Beauty Protector. Product-Protect & Oil. *This hair oil defends against UV rays, heat and breakage. Serious shine without feeling greasy. *My experience is that it definitely made my hair feel greasy. This product is probably better for someone with thicker hair!
  • Brand-R + Co. Product- Clarifying shampoo and Conditioner. *This shampoo has rosemary leaf extract, coconut oil and Japanese witch hazel for a deep clean.*My experience is that it smelled good, but left my hair with an oily feel. I read the reviews and it seemed like I wasn’t the only one who had this issue.



  • Brand-Marcelle. Product– Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel. * Green tea, cucumber extracts and vitamins C and E, this gel moisturizer nourishes skin while guarding against pollutants. *My experience I really liked this gel moisturizer. I used it after I washed my face and the product didn’t leave me feeling oily at all, which I loved. It smells really good too!



  • Brand-Stila. Product-Liquid Lipstick-Patina. *Creamy liquid lipstick glides on like a gloss yet last like a stain. *My experience I LOVED IT. I’m such a fan of stila anyways, and this is my second liquid lipstick from them. It has such a pretty color it to and I could easily wear this during the day or night. Totally a 2 thumbs up.



  • Brand-Manna Kadar Cosmetics. Product- The Day Dream Palette. *Perfect summer glow with this bronzer and highlighter duo, which comes as part of a universally flattering palette. *My experience I LOVED IT. This bronzer and highlighter due was perfect for me and the colors were so pretty. My only issue was in came in the mall smashed and  I noticed from other customers they had the same issue when they received this in the mall. So the packaging could have been better to avoid this issue, but other than that another two thumbs up.

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