My beauty Favorites that I cannot live without <3 <3

Everyone has their own favorite products that they use everyday! These are mine ❤

Aviary Photo_131162929946618516.png

Foundation, Loose powder and Concealer.

  • Foundation! Kat Von D. This is a fave of mine, but you really have to learn how to use it properly or it will look too matte!
  1. Full coverage
  2. 24-hour wear
  3. Transfer Resistant
  4. Matte Finish
  5. Oil Free (which I love)


  • Loose Powder! Urban Decay, Naked Skin.
  1. Naked Skin
  2. Ultra Definition
  3. Loose Finishing


  • Concealer! Bye Bye Under Eye. **By far the best concealer I’ve ever had.


  1. Full coverage
  2. Anti-aging
  3. Waterproof
  4. Vitamins C & K.

Aviary Photo_131162931526294565.png


Sephora Flawless airbrush tool, #56

Beauty blender! (Starting to become a favorite and must have)

Aviary Photo_131162931426071863.png


  • Benefit! Brow zings. Brow shaping kit! In color Medium 🙂
  • Benefit! Highlighter (love this for under my brows!)


Aviary Photo_131162933672423861



Hands down Michael Kors -Scent Sexy Amber ❤ ❤


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