Glo Tea! (Nail, Hair, Skin)


Glo Tea!

I’m such a fan of teas or gummies that help natural hair and nail growth. I’m not the type who likes swallowing pills! So anything I can drink or eat is perfect for me. I found this cute little tea place last year and fell in love ❤ with them! It’s called Glo Tea. The tea has such a yummy berry taste it and and the benefits are awesome.

  • Helps hair, nail growth
  • Healthy/Glowing skin
  • Burns fat
  • 100% all natural
  • Only $29.99!
  • 30 day detox


Once I read all that, I was in. I will admit, I didn’t drink this tea everyday BUT I drink it every other day and my nails are getting stronger. I also take SugarBearHair vitamins so I think it gives it a bonus that I drink Glo Tea as well! Ladies, you got to drink this tea if you’re a tea fan and want stronger, longer hair ❤



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