Healthy Packed Lunch!

FullSizeRender (1)

So I packed my lunch for work tomorrow and I figured I’d share what I’ll be eating! Packing your lunch seems to save money and time. And can be very heathy if you pack right! I always like to pack the night before work since I’m busy in the mornings running around trying to get ready. I’m one of those people that are not much of a morning person so I try to sleep in as much as possible! SO on to my lunch I just packed.

  • Healthy spinach wrap! Oh my goodness spinach wraps are my absolute favorite! I could eat these all day. I put baby tomatoes, cheese and lettuce with a dash of ranch for flavoring. So yummy!
  • Blueberry yogurt with Chia seeds. Loveeee the Chia seeds.




  • Chopped up Mozzarella, baby tomatoes with someย lettuce! I add olive oil andย pepper for flavoring.ย This is my favorite go to snack!
  • Baby bell peppers. YES PLEASE!

Eating healthy can be so fun and rewarding. Always keep that in mind!!




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