Eyelash Extensions, my Experience



I’ve always been a girly, girl. I blame my mom who has been dressing me up in dresses and bows since I was born. SO with that being said, I love trying new things when it comes to fashion! Eyelash extensions are nothing new and many people get them done all the time. But I’ve never got mine professionally done before, so I decided to give it a try! I’ve always just went to Sephora and grabbed lashed there and applied them myself. I can do my lashes easy within 2mins, but honestly sometimes it can be a hassle!

Fake lashes can sometimes get annoying. Sometimes you have a sharp end on one of the lashes, or one eyelash is about to fall off due to needing more  glue! The worse part is when you go to sleep and wake up and your lashes are all mangled and completely ruined. Fake lashes can usually be good for 5 to 6 uses for me since I take good care of them. 

Professional lashes so far are amazing. You don’t have to worry about an eyelash randomly falling off at a bar or a date….wink, wink. And they look amazingly natural! They don’t have that itchy heavy feeling on your eyelids which is AMAZING. These professional lashes are good up to 2 weeks, then it’s always good to have a touchup done. They recommend not wearing mascara because it could be harmful to the glue they use. If you want to clean your eye makeup they always recommend using makeup remover with no oils in it. OVERALL my review-I absolutely love them and I would recommend them to anyone who’s tired of placing fake lashes on every time. I went and got mine done in a cute little place in Chicago where I live.



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