Toothy Tabs! “LUSH”

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I love Lush products! While I was in New York city this past weekend a girlfriend and I were on a shopping spree. We stopped by one of my favorite stores, Lush! Of course I’m in love with everything they have, but I came across a product I’ve been wanting to try lately. It’s called toothy tabs! So instead of using toothpaste that sometimes has that nasty after taste, you can use these tooth tabs and they taste AMAZING. They have four different flavors, but I really wanted the get the activated charcoal and chili blend!

The charcoal chili bend taste so good, it has gunpowder green tea that they packed into these tiny tabs. SO how do you use these toothy tabs?

-Crunch one tablet up between your teeth. Grab your wet toothbrush and brush as usual, then rinse clean. While chewing this tab, it’s black so you will have that charcoal effect which when you chew will turn your tongue and teeth black with a foam. But once you rinse out real well, your teeth look awesome! I love the taste, and the packing is so cute and easy to just place in my purse for on the go. Now I’m determined to go back and get the other three flavors!


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