Fresh Skincare Review 

I’ve been trying out the Soy face cleanser and Rose face mask and I have to say, I’m truly impressed 🙂

Soy Face Cleanser

It’s a very gentle face wash that easily removes make up and even mascara without stripping the skin of essential moisture. After I used the face cleanser I did not experience any dryness or did my face feel oily. I totally recommend this face cleanser especially since it is so gentle on the skin, so this face wash will work for any combination!

Rose Facemask 

I really love this face mask it is infused with real rose petals hydrates and tones! It also smells so good 😍 all you do is make sure that your face is nice and clean, wet your face a little and then apply the mask. I let my facemask sit on for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off with water! I did find that my face felt a little dry once I take the mask off so I’m going back to Sephora to look for a fresh moisturizer. Overall I love both of these products and I would recommend it to anyone! ❤️


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