I won’t leave the house without these…


These are some of my favorite products that I have been loving for the past couple of months!!

  • Caudalie Elixir-I went to Sephora last weekend and got a free facial. The sweet lady recommended this product to me because she said it evens out the skin tones and leaves you feeling super refreshed at night! You can use this Elixir after washing your face, and after applying makeup. This is a nice little settling mist, and smells great! I also keep this in my fridge so at night after I wash my face and I just spray this on and it feels sooo good. Sephora $18.00
  • Beauty Detangle- YASSS. This product smells so good and leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny. No joke ladies, this hair protector is a game changer for my hair. Some products tend to weight my hair down and make it look oily since I have fine hair, but this actually is very gentle on my hair and doesn’t weight it down at all. It adds shine and smell amazing throughout the day. This is my 3rd bottle I’ve ordered. Birchbox $23.50
  • Coach Poppy Blossom-I was in need of a new perfume and I didn’t have a chance to run to Ulta to get my all time favorite Micheal Kors; Amber. So I was in the mall and I came across this coach poppy blossom and it smells sooo good! I get compliments on it all the time. This perfume will last you hours. Worth it. Kohls $53
  • NYX Vamp Lip-I was in Nordstrom looking around trying to find an St. Patrick’s day outfit and I came across this color and fell in loveeee. It’s a dark purple, and I think it will look perfect at night when I’m out at the bars etc. Had to get it. Nordstrom $6
  • Glam Glow-Ugh yes. I love this lip plumper. Living in Chicago there’s so much pressure to get lip injections and to keep that full lip look going. But I’m not the type who going to cave in and get surgery haha I’m joking, but no seriously. SO if you want fuller lips for a couple of hours I recommend this lip plumper! It’s a Matte that goes perfect under lipstick, or naturally by itself. I am obsessed with this stuff, it does sting a bit but as we all know that’s what they do. Sephora $24
  •  Lashes-No need to explain, I am an eyelash lover. Only on the weekends 😉 Nordstrom $5
  • Arrow Enhance- This is a greattt eyeliner. So I really dislike putting black eyeliner on my waterline for certain reasons. For 1 it makes my eyes look really small, which I totally dislike. 2 it makes me look really tired for some reason. So this soft pink color is perfect to place on your waterline to make you look more awake! Perfect for mornings, especially because my coffee doesn’t kick in for a good hour. Also gives the allusion that I have bigger eyes. Birchbox $16
  • Farsali Rose Gold Elixir- This elixir is good for many reasons. It’s good for a moisturizer and it keeps the skin nice and soft. You can use this after you wash your face, and before you go to bed. My favorite way to use this product to it put a couple of drops on my makeup brush while applying my foundation for an perfect finish. It makes your skin look skinny and gives a healthy glow. Smells amazing, and the gold flakes are a plus.Sephora $54
  • Total Bright- In my last blog post I talked about this awesome Benefit skincare kit! I love it. Birchbox $24
  • Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder- This is perfect for baking! You place this under your eyes and your contouring. Let it sit for about 5 mins while you do your other makeup routine then gently wipe it away with an angled brush. Sephora $38

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