Dew the HOOLA, Hoola quickie contour stick and High beam! Benefit lovers. 

Summer is around the corner and I absolutely love keeping that pretty summer glow! ☀️ I’m not a huge fan on doing contouring during the winter, but during the summer it’s one of my favorites since I’m always out in the sun! So I decided to give a couple of benefits Hoola products a go! I can already tell these 3 benefit products are going to be my new summer faves! 

  1. Dew the Hoola- This is a soft matter liquid bronzer for the face! You can use it as a contour only, or mix it with your foundation/simply used by itself for that summer golden glow. A little truly does go a long way! One pump and you should be solid. I used my beauty blender for this! 
  2. High Beam- Satiny pink highlighter. OMG this has such a pretty light pink shimmer to it! I loved placing this on the highlights of my cheeks, tiny on my nose and a touch on my lip for a perfect highlight. In. Love. 💓
  3. Hoola Quickie Contour Stick- Yassss! This is a cream that turns into a powder! This is buildable and blends in perfectly. 

I hands down recommend these benefit Hoola products! If you have very fair skin this bronzer may be too dark for you so I would definitely recommend going to sephora or ultra and testing them out before purchasing them! 💓☀️

Dew the Hoola – $28

High Beam – $26 

Hoola quickie contour – $28  


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