Too Faced, Born this Way Concealer  

I was downtown Chicago shopping and I stopped by Sephora because I was in NEED of a new concealer! I ran out of my bye bye undereye concealer “which I totally recommend getting if you have dark circles”! But I was ready to try something new. After browsing Sephora for a good hour like us girls do, I finally ran across some Too Faced products. I’ve never used too Faced foundation or concealer so I tested it out before purchasing. I decided to get the born this way because of all the good things it was infused with! Couple of examples….

  • Coconut water- helps keep the skin moisture levels 
  • Alpine rose- brightens and boost skins radiance 
  • Hyaluroniv acid- smoother, more youthful appearance 

Not kidding this stuff made my skin SO SOFT. I woke up the next morning, and yes I had all make makeup removed but I could tell how soft my skin was just from using this!

  • 100% said it showed improvement in skin moisture levels after 1 hour
  • 97% said natural undetectable finish
  • 97% said they provided smooth creaseless finish
  • 97% said it provides flawless no make up look

Sephora- $28 


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