Matte soft Vamp lipstick! πŸ’„Β 

I love the matte vamp lipstick color in the summertime when I go out on the weekends! To find out how to prep and get this look, keep reading! πŸ€— 

1. First prep your lips with a lip scrub! This is from Lush and it’s flavored bubble gum. It’s important to make sure your lips are soft and ready for the lipsticks so you don’t have any flakiness going on. 

2. Apply a line and define lip primer to prevent your lipstick from bleeding! Mine is from Bite and it works wonderful. 

3. Then apply the vamp lipstick. I am using NYX simply Vamp and it’s such a beautiful color! 

4. Then apply a little pink, I’m using Kat Von D color K-DUB! 

4. Then you’re going to get toilet paper or paper towel and place it on your lips. Use a translucent powder, mine is Laura Mercier and lightly tap your makeup brush into the powder, mine is Sephora Pro 57. Lightly tap this over the paper towel that’s placed on your lips. It’s going to soak into the paper towel and give that matte look to your lips! 


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