Pucker Up, Too Faced, Benefit

Three beauty products I am currently loving 💕

Too faced melted metal metallic lipstick! This color is so beautiful, I typically don’t wear a lot of lip products since I usually like my lips to be a nude color. But after testing this lipstick out I fell in love! The color is a pretty pink and it has a very pretty shimmer to it. Definitely a lipstick you can wear during the day and night time!

Too faced $21.00 link below!
Metallic Macaron

Benefits new Boi-ing Brightening Concealer. This concealer can be perfect for a more natural look just by itself! I put this on when I am just going out for a casual day with not a lot of make up on! It just gives a really pretty natural color, I wear this under my eyes and a tiny bit on my nose and any blemishes I may have. When I do wear makeup with this product is put it under my eyes and add whatever other concealer I may have to brighten my under eyes with. It says it has full coverage, but I find I like a little bit more coverage which is why I use another concealer under it! It doesn’t seem to crease and it is a nice color corrector concealer.

Benefit Boi-ing Brightening concealer: $20
Shade No. 1
Benefit Boi-ing brightening concealer

Benefit Hydrating Concealer! This is perfect for wear during a really hot summer day. If it’s really hot and muggy out I like to use this hydrating concealer just to keep my skin hydrated. This stick is infused with vitamin E and has apple seed extract to keep the skin hydrated with leaving a natural looking sheer finish. Once again, a more natural concealer you can wear just alone!

Benefit hydrating concealer
Benefit hydrating concealer

Pucker Up Rose Lip Mask! Sometimes I’ll apply this while I’m using a face mask at night or while I’m doing my makeup before applying my lipstick/gloss! You wear this lip mask for 15-20 mins and it leaves your lips feeling so soft. It also has rose extract in it which is always a plus.

Pucker Up: $2.99
For 5 in a pack! I literally bought these at Marshalls. What a steal! 💗💗


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